A Historic Night

Barack Obama, courtesy WikiMediaI just have to acknowledge witnessing history tonight. Barack Obama is the first African-American to be nominated for President of the United States of America by a major political party.

He is an impressive man and I believe he will make an excellent president.

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2 Responses to “A Historic Night”

  • mark says:

    I agree that Obama’s nomination is historic however I STRONGLY disagree that he would make a good president, in fact he would be an unmittigated disaster. Obama is a MARXIST with the most liberal voting record in Illinois State senate. He has only spent 145 Day in the US senate. he Supporst raising Taxes on the middle class and rich people which punnishes success. He supports all kinds of abortion including partial birth abortion and even killing a baby after it is born. Obam spent 20 years listeing to a racist preacher and claims he had no Idea what the gy was saying… Obam was frinds with someo of the most radical marxists in Chicago including William Ayres who was a member of the weather underground. this grrop Bombed the pentagon and killed Police officers as well as set bobbie traps for firemen. Obama talks in broad Plattitudes in trying to mask what he really wants to to as president which is to make every one of us a ward of the state. He wants nothing less thatn to steal our liberty through crippling taxation and regulation and make us all dependant on the Gov’t His health care plan will destroy the best health care system in the world. the 40 million iuninsured figure the democrats always throw around is a lie. 18 million of those people are illegal immigrants the rest are people who CHOOSE not to buy healt insurance form one reason or another. the rest are people who are transistioning between plans..

    The democrat Party has been in charge of the senate for 2 years now and they have done NOTHING to spur economic growth. In fact they have done everything to sabbatoge economic growth (Not allowing new domestic oil drilling) and have been very effective in blaming republicans for their malfeascance. If obama wins you will see how the economy will get worse not better.

    Obama will not get my vote in November

  • KimL says:

    Interesting. Why would he want to “make every one of us a ward of the state”?

    I don’t agree that’s what he wants, but if I had a choice, I’d rather be a ward of the state than a person whose right of habeas corpus was suspended by the government that is supposed to stand for the rule of law, or whose phone conversations were tapped without having to show cause, or whose government wants to *further* cut taxes for the wealthiest citizens while the deficit continues to climb to record levels – now it’s almost a half trillion dollars. A half TRILLION dollars. Just for THIS YEAR.

    We’re weaker militarily and economically than ever before, and McCain promises more of the same. And his pick for VP is accused of abuse of power, too. Great start for the fall campaign.

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