Talk about chemicals in food …

That phrase is actually one of my pet peeves. Our bodies are chemical factories – metabolism, or turning food into energy and body tissues, is one big chemical reaction. The problem is that most people don’t know the meaning of “all those long words” on food ingredient lists.

Now, for the most part, I try to prepare and eat whole foods processed primarily by me, although I don’t churn my own butter or butcher my own hogs and cattle 🙂 But I do buy whole veggies and make many meals at home (except for the regular Tuesday dinner out with friends and sometimes Dan and I go out).

Lately I’ve been hanging out on a Web site called, where people, duh, talk about all aspects of cooking. One member, who apparently has a more scientific background than I do, wrote the following during a discussion of “chemicals in food”:

“I’m thinking for lunch I’m going to have a bowl of lactuca sativa with solanum lycopersicum, and strips of meleagris ocellata prepared in an aqueous sodium chloride solution prior to the intiation of a conductive thermal energy transfer. All of which will be topped with piper nigrum, sodium chloride, and an emulsification of impure dilute acetic acid and lipids.

Uh … salad with lettuce, tomato, grilled turkey, salt, pepper and a vinaigrette!”

See? Didn’t sound so appetizing till you knew what it actually was, right?

The point is, we need to learn which chemicals are okay and which are not and buy our food accordingly. I had Seafood Yellow Curry at Bangkok Garden over white rice this evening. It was great 🙂

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