Here’s to Rep. Bobby Scott

I just have to say, I’m immensely proud to be a constituent of Congressman Bobby Scott of the third district of Virginia. Here are his remarks last summer on the House floor regarding the war in Iraq.

An excerpt: “Mr. Speaker, I rise in opposition to the resolution on the Iraqi war.

Mr. Speaker, as we discuss what to do now, we must first acknowledge the fact that we cannot discuss an exit strategy for leaving Iraq without first stating what the entry strategy was, and then stating what we are trying to accomplish now.

We were originally told that we invaded Iraq because they had weapons of mass destruction; that turned out not to be true. We were then told we invaded Iraq because the Iraqi leaders were connected with the 9/11 attacks; that turned out not to be true. The rationale that Iraq posed an imminent threat to the United States was exposed as untrue even before the invasion. A letter from the Director of the CIA to the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, dated October 7, 2002, specifically stated that the CIA believed that Iraq and Saddam Hussein did not pose a terrorist threat to the United States, and would not be
expected to pose such a threat, unless we attacked Iraq.”

Of course, we attacked Iraq and it is now the nexus of terrorism in the world.

He repeated most of this speech in a local radio interview last week. Here’s hoping the Dems take back at least one house of Congress in this election and are able to start hearings to finally exercise some oversight of the power-mad Republicans.

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