Photo Friday: Burn

Here’s my entry for PhotoFriday’s challenge for this week: Burn

Sailing at sunset

This was taken when we were sailing last Friday, 9/23, on the Elizabeth River between Portsmouth and Norfolk. It was a beautiful night, even though we apparently couldn’t figure out what the race course was supposed to be. Oh well, better luck tomorrow 🙂

Update 10/1: re: the race course last week, we were right and all the rest of the boats were wrong! So the race was scrubbed and not counted. Geez. That’s a lesson to go with your gut.

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3 Responses to “Photo Friday: Burn”

  • Martha Rollins says:

    Beautiful scene. Pursuit of happiness. Missed you at our discussion of civil liberties on 9/27. ODU Friends of the Library had a lively panel on “banned books” on Thursday evening. Most significant comments to me were related to the current demands of political correctness and the resignations of various officials and the deletions or revisions of governmental reports is the research failed to prove a predetermined outcome. MGR

  • Leo R. Kemp says:

    Kim, have your skipper check the rules but I believe they errored in throwing out the race if the instructions have not been changed from the ones sent to all entrances. Just because the rest of the fleet can’t read the sailing instructions correctly and you can doesn’t mean you should be penalized

  • KimL says:

    Hi, Leo. Well, unfortunately, we figured we must have been wrong, so we turned around and followed the rest of them. I think that’s why it was thrown out.


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