TNT Aug. 10 – No Frill Bar & Grill

On Wednesday, Aug. 10, my TNT weekly dinner group went to the No Frill Bar & Grill for dinner. Everyone liked what they ordered. The No Frill has been there for several years – I’ve been there many times, and always enjoyed the food. We are all glad they installed the noise-diminishing panels on the walls – it helps a lot when you want to actually talk to each other.

So here’s what we had:

  • I had a pork BBQ sandwich with cole slaw on top and corn and black bean salsa on the side – yummy
  • Barbara had fried catfish with pasta salad and potato salad. She ate it all, so it must have been good. Barbara has tried catfish everywhere around here, so if you’re looking for some good catfish, she’s the one to ask.
  • Susan had the pita quesadilla with a side of spinach. She really liked the quesadilla but was disappointed in the spinach – she thought it was overcooked.
  • Keith had, I believe, the smoked turkey and pastrami sandwich on sourdough bread, also with a side of spinach. He enjoyed it thoroughly and thought the spinach was just right. So you might like it, or you might not.
  • Karen had a small salad and the portabello mushroom appetizer. The appetizer was huge – the two together were more than enough for her. They looked great and tasted just as good, according to Karen.

So there you have it – except for one side, we all enjoyed everything. They do it right, which is why they’re always busy.

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