Photo Friday: Complexity

This is my entry in the weekly photo project at Photo Friday:
Downtown Chicago Downtown Chicago from the top of the Sears Tower. I took this when Dan and I were visiting my brother Brad and sister-in-law Barbara in 2003.

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4 Responses to “Photo Friday: Complexity”

  • Donna Jones says:

    Hi Kim, thought i’d post a comment here in the interest of conviviality and helping you further figure out the blog and to say it looks really good.

    makes me think of maybe doing it also. i got as far, at one time, as downloading WordPress but didn’t configure it any and haven’t done anythng w/ it.

    i wonder if it might be a good idea to do a blog and incorporate my regular site, sorta, into it.

    also, wonder if its going to be a big pita for you to deal with “comment spam” when it starts, maybe it would take a while?

    i have decided that maybe clients and potential clients visit my site than i realize and i think it would be impressive and interesting to for them to read something besides the same ‘ole stuff all the time (which i’m sure they don’t read at this point).

    also, i’ve mentioned in the WW list but don’t know if you would have noticed. Mozilla bookmarks has a way of notifying one (you have to set it) if a website is updated. so, just added that to your blog. I keep a eye on Virginia DeBolt’s blog that way.


  • Donna Jones says:

    just thought i’d check to see what is going on here and found you had another comment! and also forgot to say before that the picture of Chicago is really great.

    also noticing that I don’t have to “login” even though there is a button that says that; assume you can change that in the future when you need to – part of further configuration? it is so nice to not have to login, wish it could stay like that (sigh) – a whole conversation about ethics, eh.


  • KimL says:

    Hey, Donna, thanks for stopping by, and for leaving comments 🙂 Nice to know someone is reading this stuff 😉

    A couple of years ago, I downloaded WordPress (I think it was) and installed it, but then my host upgraded Perl (I think it ran on that then) and it stopped working and I didn’t have the time to figure out how to fix it.

    Yesterday, I changed hosts to With their cPanel system, you can install a variety of programs into your site with the click of a few buttons, including a couple different blogging systems, CMSs, photo galleries, and lots more. I sound like a commercial 🙂 but it was really easy to do. I changed hosts, installed WP, and found and installed a new theme for it (so I can’t take credit for the look – see the credit at the bottom of the page), all in about an hour. There are dozens of themes you can choose from, and they’re really easy to install – just download CSS files and templates, and upload them to the right folder at the host, then select it in WP.

    WP also has some features for preventing comment spam, and the login button is for me, to add a new post.

    My next project will be to install the Coppermine photo gallery and figure out if it can be integrated with WP.

    Thanks again for stopping by 🙂


  • mitchell says:

    this pic is awesome its the only one i could find fromt he top of the sears tower im goinig to see it this summer

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