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Urban Farming: Progress in the garden

Our veggies are coming right along, and we have some good garden critters making a home in it, too.

Tomato blossom
Tomato blossom

Baby celery
Baby celery

Mesclun mix and parsley
Mesclun mix and parsley in a terra cotta pot

Tiny swallowtail caterpillars love the fennel
Tiny swallowtail caterpillars love the fennel

Medium swallowtail caterpillar in the fennel
Medium swallowtail caterpillar in the fennel

Urban Farming: Getting the spring garden going

We have lots going on in the garden this spring. The romaine, red leaf and green leaf lettuces I thought for sure were frozen to death during the winter came back beautifully and we’ve been munching on salad from the garden for a few weeks now.

Red leaf lettuce
Red leaf lettuce

Mixed lettuces
Mixed lettuces – red leaf, green leaf and romaine

We also have a couple rows of English peas coming up.

English peas
English peas

And I’m really happy that the parsley made it through the winter, too.


We’re trying a new vegetable this year: celery! They’re little babies right now – Dan started them from seed in the sunroom.

Baby celery
Baby celery

We have lots more to come – several kinds of tomatoes, hot and bell peppers, and purple tomatillos are growing from seeds in the sunroom, and we’re going to try Brussels sprouts again, too. Should be a fun summer!

Urban Farming: Last weekend’s haul

The manure Dan tilled into the garden this spring has made a huge difference in our yield so far this year. We pulled a bunch of onions to make room for basil, and the bell peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes are coming in nicely now.

Today I will be picking and preserving Anaheim peppers and making basil pesto for the freezer, as well as for us.

A basket full of yummies
Urban Farming: June 27, 2010

Roma tomatoes
2010 Romas

Anaheim peppers
2010 Anaheim peppers

Garden Veggies and Roasting Anaheim Peppers

Wow, these heirloom tomatoes are producing even now, and the Anaheim chiles are going crazy. I stuffed some a few weeks ago, and found that you really do need to roast and peel these; the skin just doesn’t get soft with cooking, so it needs to go. So I spent an overcast, chilly Saturday roasting, peeling and freezing probably 5 pounds or so of Anaheims – wish I’d thought to weight them before I started, but oh well 🙂

Garden Veggies

I did find a few recipes the Anaheims will come in handy for this winter:

Anaheim peppers
Anaheim peppers ready for roasting

Roasted Anaheim peppers
After roasting under the broiler for 8-10 minutes

Anaheim peppers in freezer bags
Most recipes I found call for 1/3 cup of roasted Anaheim peppers, so I froze them in snack-size bags, then put those inside freezer bags.

In the Garden: Tabasco Peppers

This is the first time we’ve grown Tabasco peppers, and they’re funny little dudes. They grow upside down, pointing up! They look like they’re about ready to taste. I need to find a recipe for Tabasco sauce.

Tabasco peppers

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