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Photo Friday: Interiors

I traveled to Turkey with my mom, aunt, uncle and a couple of their friends in May 2001 for a tour/sailboat trip. It’s one of my favorite places to visit.

While in Istanbul, we had a guided tour of the city and one of the places we saw was the gorgeous mosque, Hagia Sophia. I took this photo through the doorway to a small library off the main space. The Byzantine mosaics and woodwork in Turkey are amazingly beautiful. I brought home a few ceramic pieces I bought in town as a reminder.

Photo Friday: Interiors

This is my entry in this week’s Photo Friday challenge. The topic is Interiors.

Photo Friday: Symbols

I visited Turkey with my mom, my aunt Betty and Uncle Ray, and some friends of theirs, in May 2001. While there, we took a tour of Ephesus, an ancient Greek and Roman city that, in Roman times, was the second-largest city in the world, after Rome.

The tour guide told us that these symbols – a heart, a woman’s face, and a footprint – carved into the street, pointed the way to the town brothel. One’s foot had to be at least as large as the footprint in order to be admitted to the brothel. More Turkey pix are here: Turkey 2001

Directions to the brothel in Ephesus, Turkey

This is my entry in the Photo Friday Challenge. This week’s theme is Symbols.

Photo Friday: Far From Home

This is my entry in this week’s Photo Friday photo challenge. The topic is Far From Home.

The furthest I have ever been from home was when I went to Turkey in May, 2001 on vacation with my mom, aunt, uncle, and two other couples who were friends of theirs. It was a wonderful trip – friendly people, great food, beautiful artwork and textiles. We had a wonderful time.

According to this site, it’s 5,282 miles from home in Virginia to Istanbul, Turkey.

One day we toured Ephesus, an ancient city near the southwest coast. This is a photo of the Ephesus Library. Archaeologists believe it was completed in the year 117.

Ephesus Library

This is a closeup of a statue in a niche to the right of the entrance to the library.

Ephesus Library - Statue

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