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TNT Dinner: Rajput

Barbara and I had dinner at Rajput last night. It was pretty good, although service was slow. They seemed confused about whose table it was.

I’m not as familiar with Indian foods and flavors as I am with some other cuisines, so I generally end up ordering the same thing: chicken tandoori. And that’s what I had last night. The chicken was nice and tender and the tikka masala sauce was tasty. There wasn’t a lot of heat, though. Next time, I might ask for some hot sauce. I also ordered garlic naan – that was delish!

Barbara had lamb biryani and offered me a taste. It was very good, with a bit of heat. Nice flavor. I forgot to bring my camera in, though, so no pix. This post is primarily a reminder for me, so next time I go out for Indian, I can look back and see what I liked.

I’ve been watching the new show Aarti Party on the Food Network, to learn more about basic Indian cooking. Now I need to actually try some of the recipes 😉 And I already have all five of her basic Indian spices.

Photo Friday: Cameraphone Shot

My best friend Barbara and I, and sometimes other friends, go out to dinner at a different restaurant almost every Wednesday night; and we buy each other dinner when our birthdays are nearby.

For my birthday this year, we ended up at Gosport Tavern on High Street in Portsmouth. It’s a very nice, fairly new restaurant that specializes in seafood dishes (like many restaurants in our area).

I had the delicious lobster ravioli for dinner that night – OMG – it was really good, and the striped raviolis were beautiful to look at, too 🙂 I didn’t have my camera, but I did have my cell phone.

Birthday lobster ravioli

This is my contribution to Photo Friday’s weekly photo challenge. This week’s topic is Cameraphone Shot.

TNT: No Frill Grill Special

On Wednesday, my weekly dinner group headed to the No Frill Bar & Grill on Colley Avenue for dinner. They’re having their annual February special – for each appetizer and dessert sold during the month, they donate $1 to the Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters, a very good cause.

So we go and pretend the appetizers are tapas – buy several and share 🙂 Then share a dessert. It was good and filling, with lots left over. We had:

  • Artichoke/cheese dip with pita bread
  • Nachos with chicken – it was huge! Must have been 5 lbs. of food there!
  • Bowl of beef and bean chili – they counted this as an appetizer
  • For dessert, we feasted on the Chocolate Amaretto Sin Pie – essentially, a big truffle with a cookie crust and whipped cream – sinful indeed

So if you’re local, stop by the No Frill Grill and have a few for the children 🙂

TNT Dinner: Tortilla West

We had a good crowd for the TNT dinner on July 17. We went to our favorite Mexican place – Tortilla West, on Orapax Avenue near Lamberts Point Docks. It’s more of an upscale Mexican restaurant – one of the waitresses told me they have trained chefs who like to do Mexican-inspired dishes rather than the typical Mexican. It seems to me that most of the Mexican restaurants around here use a version of the same menu – the same Speedy Gonzales Lunch #1 and so on – which are fine for what they are, but Tortilla West has their own delicious dishes.

So, to help us keep track of what we’ve tried and not tried, here’s what we all had that night:

  • Barbara – Chicken Enchiladas Mole
  • Kim – Fish Tacos
  • Susan – Chicken Enchiladas Mole
  • Martha – Chicken Fajitas – a very generous portion!
  • Randy – Spinach and Goat Cheese Quesadilla
  • Duane – Chicken Enchiladas

All declared their dinners delicious 🙂

TNT Dinner: Imperio Inca

On April 2, Barbara and I went to Imperio Inca, a Peruvian restaurant on 21st Street in the Ghent neighborhood of Norfolk. I love that place. It’s the only restaurant I know of in this area that serves ceviche as an entree.

Barbara had Lenguado a lo Macho: Grilled flounder topped with a Peruvian pepper sauce along with shrimp, calamari, mussels, and clams, and served with white rice. It was good, but a bit bland, so Barbara asked for some hot sauce. They have a green Peruvian sauce to spice things up – that helped a lot.

Imperio Inca - Peruvian Seafood Platter

I put together a plate from three a la carte dishes: Leche de Tigre, a Peruvian fish ceviche cocktail; Papa a la Huancaina, or halved boiled potatoes served on lettuce and covered in a spicy Peruvian cheese sauce garnished with olive and a slice of boiled egg; and half a roasted chicken, marinated in Peruvian spices.

The ceviche was excellent – spicy-hot and tangy.

Imperio Inca - Ceviche Cocktail

I liked the potatoes, too. They’re served cold with the spicy sauce on top – very good.

Imperio Inca - Boiled Potatoes with Spicy Cheese Sauce

Didn’t get a good shot of the chicken. It tasted good, but I didn’t get any flavor of the Peruvian spices it was supposed to be marinated in.

Dinner at Plaza del Sol

Plaza del SolLast Wednesday, our TNT dinner group went to a new Mexican place that just opened in November – Plaza del Sol, at 22nd Street and Colonial Avenue in Ghent.

It’s an interesting space. There’s a large patio up front, with tables for dining al fresco, and a bar and dining room inside. It has a two-story ceiling and attractive Mexican decorations on the walls.

The food was just okay, though. Barbara, Susan and I all had the chicken fajitas with a side of refried beans. Nothing special there. I like the beans better at San Antonio Sam’s because they mix in lime juice and top with cheese to give more flavor.

Jane had a bowl of chicken tortilla soup. It looked good, and had lots of chicken in it, but it was not hot when it was served. The manager took care of that right away – we appreciated that. We’ll probably go back and try something else, but right now it’s just – so so.

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