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Photo Friday: Dark

Several years ago, Dan and I visited Barbados over Christmas. During the trip, we took the 80-mile tour around the perimeter of the island; one stop was Animal Flower Cave, named for the sea anemones that grow in the water there. It was pretty dark inside the cave, but several openings offered interesting views of the outside.

Animal Flower Cave, Barbados

This is my contribution to Photo Friday, a weekly photography challenge.

Photo Friday: Macro

When garlic starts sprouting in the kitchen, I separate the cloves and plant them in the garden. About a year later, I have a new head of garlic where once I had a clove that was past its prime.

Garlic cloves ready for planting

This is my contribution to the weekly photo challenge at

Photo Friday: Bloom

We have three hydrangea shrubs around our house, and all three have huge, gorgeous blooms and are all different colors. I know that the acidity of the soil determines what color they will be; the interesting thing is that we don’t do anything to the soil to affect the color. One is blue, one is purple, and one is pink. I love the huge flower heads they get.

Photo Friday: Hydrangeas in Bloom

I’m late again for the the Photo Friday weekly challenge, but I’m posting anyway 😉 Last week’s theme was Bloom.

Pink Hydrangea

Purple Hydrangea

Photo Friday: Stand Out

My contribution to this week’s Photo Friday photography challenge, with the topic Stand Out, is another photo from our trip to Ireland in 2003.

This is part of the cemetery around Corcomroe Abbey in County Clare. It was a misty, overcast day, as it tends to be in Ireland. Of course, the benefit is the brilliantly green grass. We had a great time there and would love to go back.

Photo Friday: Stand Out

Photo Friday: Heavy

I got these photos ready for the Photo Friday challenge last week, and then completely forgot to post them. So the Heavy theme is over now, but I’m posting them anyway, because I think they’re so perfect for it 🙂

A few years ago, Dan and I spent a weekend in Jim Thorpe, Penn. We took our bikes and kayaks, and the plan was to go kayaking the first day and bike down a railroad bed converted to a bike trail the second day.

We had car trouble on the DelMarVa Peninsula, so weren’t able to kayak, but we did the bike trip, and had a great time.

Jim Thorpe is a beautifully restored Victorian-era town with gorgeous Painted Ladies and fabulous views of the mountains. It’s an old coal-mining town that is now a tourist attraction for the history as well as the outdoor activities available. And they have amazingly delicious pierogies stuffed with mashed potatoes served with caramelized onions. Yum.

Overview of Jim Thorpe, PA

As we were wandering around downtown, we came across this giant lump of coal, aka anthracite. According to the plaque in front of it, it weighs 15,100 pounds and consists of 99 percent carbon.

Really heavy lump of coal
Really heavy lump of coal

Plaque in front of lump of anthracite
Plaque describing heavy lump of anthracite

Photo Friday: Overcast

Several years ago, Dan had a class in Fort Collins, Colo., and I visited him out there. While he was in class, I took a day trip to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. It’s one of my favorite places.

As I was getting ready to leave, the sky started to fill with clouds, so I drove the circuit again and this is one of the photos I took that day:

Photo Friday: Overcast

This is my entry into the Photo Friday weekly photo challenge. This week’s topic is Overcast.

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