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TNT Dinner: Tortilla West

We had a good crowd for the TNT dinner on July 17. We went to our favorite Mexican place – Tortilla West, on Orapax Avenue near Lamberts Point Docks. It’s more of an upscale Mexican restaurant – one of the waitresses told me they have trained chefs who like to do Mexican-inspired dishes rather than the typical Mexican. It seems to me that most of the Mexican restaurants around here use a version of the same menu – the same Speedy Gonzales Lunch #1 and so on – which are fine for what they are, but Tortilla West has their own delicious dishes.

So, to help us keep track of what we’ve tried and not tried, here’s what we all had that night:

  • Barbara – Chicken Enchiladas Mole
  • Kim – Fish Tacos
  • Susan – Chicken Enchiladas Mole
  • Martha – Chicken Fajitas – a very generous portion!
  • Randy – Spinach and Goat Cheese Quesadilla
  • Duane – Chicken Enchiladas

All declared their dinners delicious 🙂

Dinner at Plaza del Sol

Plaza del SolLast Wednesday, our TNT dinner group went to a new Mexican place that just opened in November – Plaza del Sol, at 22nd Street and Colonial Avenue in Ghent.

It’s an interesting space. There’s a large patio up front, with tables for dining al fresco, and a bar and dining room inside. It has a two-story ceiling and attractive Mexican decorations on the walls.

The food was just okay, though. Barbara, Susan and I all had the chicken fajitas with a side of refried beans. Nothing special there. I like the beans better at San Antonio Sam’s because they mix in lime juice and top with cheese to give more flavor.

Jane had a bowl of chicken tortilla soup. It looked good, and had lots of chicken in it, but it was not hot when it was served. The manager took care of that right away – we appreciated that. We’ll probably go back and try something else, but right now it’s just – so so.

Dinner at Bardo

BardoBardo is another favorite. It’s an Asian-inspired tapas place, so we get to have lots of little nibbles there. Great food. Here’s what Liz and I had a week or two ago:

  • Buddha buns – ground pork and veggies steamed in won ton skins, with a soy -based dipping sauce
  • Panko-crusted fried shrimp with sweet chili sauce
  • Crab rangoon – fried won ton skins with a filling of what seemed like crab and cream cheese. Not one of my favorites, but something I’ve wanted to try.
  • Edamame – soybeans steamed and sprinkled with sea salt.
  • Chicken satay (Thai chicken grilled on a stick) with three sauces.
  • Doughnut “dip sum” – three fried doughnuts with three dipping sauces – chocolate, peanut butter, and (if I remember right) raspberry. Dee-lish!

Dinner at Rajput

Rajput Indian RestaurantRajput is a very good Indian restaurant on 21st Street in the Ghent section of Norfolk. Four of us went there recently. We all enjoy Indian food, but we’re not very familiar with the flavors, so we each ordered something different and tried each other’s entrees. So now I know I like chicken biryani better than chicken vindaloo 🙂

  • Kim – chicken vindaloo – okay
  • Susan – chicken tikka masala – better than vindaloo, not as good as biryani
  • Barbara – chicken biryani – very good. It contained nuts and raisins and came with raita, a cucumber/yogurt sauce
  • Liz – chicken jalfrezi – okay. Interesting – I couldn’t find this recipe on the Indian food site I linked to for the other three; the one I did find says it’s a Pakistani recipe.

All the entrees were served with basmati rice, and we ordered two kinds of naan bread – one plain and one garlic-flavored. Both were quite good. Another note: We all ordered our meals with medium heat, which I found to be rather mild. So I will order it medium-hot next time and see how that tastes.

Dinner at Bodega


It’s time to catch up on a few Tuesday dinners out that I’ve missed writing about. Since we decided to just go to some favorite places, rather than following the alphabet, we’ve had some really good meals lately, since, well, we’re going to some favorite places 😉

Some time back, Barbara and I went to Bodega on Granby in Norfolk. Here’s what we had:

  • Heart of palm salad with romaine, tomatoes, and white truffle vinaigrette – very good
  • Sliced baguette with a sweet compound butter
  • Tempura-fried chicken – light and delicious
  • Crab and spinach gnocchi – wonderful. This was gnocchi with spinach and lump blue crab in a creamy Alfredo-style sauce. Yum
  • Warm mini-chocolate cake with vanilla gelato and strawberry compote – this was a lava-type cake with a molten center, served with the gelato on the side and the compote on the top – fabulous

We would definitely recommend Bodega. It’s one of our faves.

Dinner at Bodega

BodegaLast Wednesday, our dinner group went to Bodega , one of our favorite tapas places. It was outstanding, as usual. Barbara and I were the only ones at dinner that evening; we had a great time sharing a variety of yummy plates:

  • We started with a Hearts of Palm salad with romaine, tomatoes, and white truffle vinaigrette. It was as good as it sounds.
  • Then we had tempura-fried chicken. Oh my. It was tender and crunchy, with a light sauce that reminded me of Thai sweet chili sauce. Good stuff.
  • Next we ordered Crab and Spinach Gnocchi. Again, perfection. Soft potato gnocchi with lump blue crab in a dreamy cream sauce, topped with spinach and chopped tomato. We had this once before, and I’ve been thinking a lot about going back for it. Finally we did. 🙂
  • For dessert, it was a no-brainer. The only chocolate item on the menu was a warm mini chocolate cake (really a lava cake, with a liquid chocolate interior) with vanilla gelato and strawberry compote. That and a cup of coffee and we were absolutely satisfied with a wonderful meal. If you’re ever in Norfolk, Bodega is a must-have.

Gnocchi with Blue Crab in Cream Sauce
Gnocchi with crab sauce at Bodega

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