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Urban Farming: The Fall Garden

The great bounty of the summer garden is gone now, but in this mild climate, we continue to enjoy food as local as you can get – from our garden.

A couple weeks ago, we pulled out the basil, tomatoes and tomatilloes and planted lettuces in their place. The baby romaine, spinach, red sails (red leaf lettuce) and bok choy are growing nicely. This past weekend, I added cilantro and flat-leaf parsley.

Should be a delicious winter.

2011 Fall Garden

Photo Friday: Ethereal

We have some fennel plants in the herb garden. A couple summers ago, I was weeding the garden and noticed that there were dozens of ladybugs in the fennel fronds.

Photo Friday: Ethereal

In the Garden: A Visitor

This cool box turtle appears to be a resident in our yard. Dan found him on the patio and his shell was all dirty – they burrow into the dirt for the winter. So Dan sprayed him off with the hose (“Hey, it’s raining! Hey, it stopped!”) and we admired his beautiful shell. I hope he decides to stay. We have plenty of bugs for him to feed on.

Box turtle

In the Garden: Veggies going crazy

The lettuce is in very good form this year: romaine, red leaf and butter lettuces are giving us way more than we can eat. I gave Mom a big gallon-size bag of it to take home last weekend. And we have baby peas! There are also some beans in the top right and green onions behind the peas.

We can really get a lot of food in a relatively small square garden. We won’t be buying salad greens for another month, and we had frozen peas from last year’s garden till February.

In the garden: Lettuce and peas
Mixed lettuces and peas

In the garden: Peas and chives
Baby peas and chives

Spring is finally coming

My baby daffodils are in full bloom and my mint is peeking out from the soil. Yesterday was sunny and warm and today’s rain will nudge the peas along. I love spring.
Daffodils and mint

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