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Urban Farming: This is a great time of year

The vegetable garden is coming along beautifully – we got lots of gentle rain last weekend, which gave them just what they needed at just the right time. We’ve been harvesting some of the cool-weather crops for a few weeks now.

When garlic sprouts in the kitchen, I’m tempted to put it right into the garden. But if I do that now, when it gets hot for real, it will just fade and dry out. So we have to wait for fall. But here’s one we planted last fall that’s ready to pick. And lots of yummy Swiss chard is out there, too, for adding to salads or sauteeing with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Garden garlic
Garden Garlic

The chives have lovely lavender blooms right now – perfect for topping a salad. A little sprinkle of chives on top of almost any savory dish gives a mild oniony flavor without the bite of raw onion.

Chive blossoms
Chive blossoms

And here’s the most recent resident of our urban farm – Tiger Gnome, a gift from my mother-in-law to the evergreen Detroit Tigers fan in our house. Peeping out from the green-bean plants, he keeps a very close eye on the goings-on out there. Hopefully he can keep Pippen from lying on the newly planted tomatoes.

Tiger Gnome
Tiger Gnome

So the 2012 garden is well on its way.

In the Garden: Veggies going crazy

The lettuce is in very good form this year: romaine, red leaf and butter lettuces are giving us way more than we can eat. I gave Mom a big gallon-size bag of it to take home last weekend. And we have baby peas! There are also some beans in the top right and green onions behind the peas.

We can really get a lot of food in a relatively small square garden. We won’t be buying salad greens for another month, and we had frozen peas from last year’s garden till February.

In the garden: Lettuce and peas
Mixed lettuces and peas

In the garden: Peas and chives
Baby peas and chives

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