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Butter Crock

I’ve been thinking about getting a butter crock for a while now. And since I’ve recently developed a hankering for herb butter, and had some honey butter at a restaurant recently, I want one even more. So I’ve been checking them out and will probably get one soon. So this is a placeholder for some links about the topic.

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Hybrid cars

We’re thinking of replacing my Taurus with a hybrid car, so, after hearing about a tax credit available in the energy bill passed a couple of weeks ago, I did a little research.

Hybrid cars

The energy bill also includes a new tax credit for buyers of hybrid cars, which combine an electric motor with an internal-combustion engine.

Starting next year, hybrid-car buyers will be eligible for tax credits ranging from $1,700 to $3,000. The credit will be tied to two components: hybrids that save the most fuel compared with 2002 models, and the vehicle’s estimated lifetime fuel savings.

The credit will take effect Jan. 1, replacing the existing $2,000 tax deduction for hybrid vehicles. That deduction was scheduled to fall to $500 next year.

Because a tax credit is worth more than a deduction, the law provides a greater incentive to buy a hybrid after Jan. 1, according to an analysis by CCH, the tax publishing company.

But there’s a potential penalty for waiting too long to buy. The law limits the tax credits to 60,000 vehicles from each automaker, so credits on popular models could disappear well before the tax break expires at the end of 2009.

So, is it better to buy one now, with the $2,000 deduction, or wait till January, hoping you can be one of the first 60,000 buyers and get the $3,000 credit? Why can’t this administration ever make something simple? This is as bad as senior citizens having to pick a drug supplier for Medicare based on the drugs they’re taking, not knowing what drugs they might need in the future. Ridiculous.

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