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Photo Friday: Bloom

We have three hydrangea shrubs around our house, and all three have huge, gorgeous blooms and are all different colors. I know that the acidity of the soil determines what color they will be; the interesting thing is that we don’t do anything to the soil to affect the color. One is blue, one is purple, and one is pink. I love the huge flower heads they get.

Photo Friday: Hydrangeas in Bloom

I’m late again for the the Photo Friday weekly challenge, but I’m posting anyway ;-) Last week’s theme was Bloom.

Pink Hydrangea

Purple Hydrangea

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Garden pix

Yay, it works! I just created a Flickr account, uploaded some garden photos, and made a slide show using this Flickr Slideshow Generator. So cool.

Our garden was not nearly this prolific this year, unfortunately. The tomatoes and peppers didn’t do very well. So this is a test of the slide show using photos from the last few years. They still look yummy, though, don’t they?

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Finally, new pix

So, check out the photo gallery – I finally got some photos posted of our trip to Michigan in July and my trip, with my friend Barbara to visit Liz in Fort Collins, also in July.

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Photo Album