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Dan and Pippen playing along the James

On Sunday, Dan and I took Pippen and a picnic lunch on a day trip. First we went to an outlet mall in Williamsburg, where I used my 35 percent off coupon at Le Creuset to buy a 5.5-quart Flame-colored enameled cast-iron Dutch oven (finally! yay!), a green pepper baking dish (I already have a yellow pepper, pumpkin and garlic), and a new spatula. All that for less than $150, because they had a Dutch oven in the size and color I wanted that had been a floor model, so the man at the store gave me the seconds price on it. The only flaw is that the bottom was scratched some. I promise, I won’t turn it over 😉

After shopping, we drove along the James River where there are a lot of places to stop and enjoy the river. We found one place that was pretty private and quiet, right along the water. Dan and Pippen went to play in the water while I took pix.

Here’s a still:

Dan and Pippen playing along the James River

I’ll have to upload the movie later – it’s too big and it’s too late now to start editing it. See ya.

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Laugh your ass off


Seriously, if you need a laugh, this is one funny group of sites. There are several topics:

Enjoy 🙂

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Bobby Flay in Norfolk

On Saturday, March 1, Dan and I saw Food Network Chef Bobby Flay give a cooking demonstration at the Norfolk Scope in downtown Norfolk. It was a lot of fun, except for the part where I fell down the steps at the bottom because I was admiring the “Mesa Grill Cookbook” I had just bought instead of watching where I was going. They called a paramedic, but I was fine – just needed some ice to keep the swelling down on my knee 😉 We had great seats – on the floor of the Scope, about 20-30 feet from the kitchen set-up. Very nice 🙂

Bobby Flay at Scope
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Speaking of living and laughing …

Elvis Presley, courtesy Wikimedia CommonsLast night, Dan, Barbara, Bill and I went to see the Governor’s School for the Arts performers in a production of “All Shook Up” at the Roper Performing Arts Center in downtown Norfolk. It was great! Toe-tapping music and a lot of cute jokes, as well as love mix-ups a la Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

The synopsis says: “A new musical using 24 Elvis Presley tunes – but not based on his life story. Instead, it’s the story of a small-town girl who dreams of hitting the open road, and the guitar-playing roustabout who brings romance, rebellion and rock ‘n’ roll into her life.”

We’ve seen the GSA before, and they’re wonderful. I think they’re about as good as any Broadway company I’ve seen come through here. Their dancing and singing are top-notch. Way to go, kids!

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So I’ve been slack again…

What else is new? Actually a lot of stuff is new 🙂 I have a new camera, for one thing. It’s a Sony DSC-H3 and I love it. I purchased my first digital camera, a Sony DSC-S70, in 2000, so I was definitely due for another and I’ve always liked the Carl Zeiss lens on the S70. This new one has 12x optical zoom, face recognition, etc., etc. Can’t wait to play with it some more.

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When Graphic Artists Get Bored

This is pretty funny: When the Graphic Artists Get Bored

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