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It’s almost over…

I’m really enjoying this Media Law and Ethics class (English 486) I’m taking at Old Dominion University … really I am … honest ;-) It just takes a *lot* of time. But it’s almost over now, just a couple more classes and then the final.

I’ll miss the classes themselves, though. The professor, Joyce Hoffmann, Ph.D., is an excellent teacher. This is the second class I’ve taken with her and I would recommend her to anyone.

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Writing in Electronic Spaces

This fall, I am taking another class at ODU called “Writing in Electronic Spaces.” I think it’s kinda funny, to write that in a blog :)

The catalog says:

This course offers writing practice in critical contemporary electronic writing environments, especially emphasizing Web-based compositions. Readings and discussions provide a history of electronic writing, the Internet, and hypertext theory. Students should expect to construct a variety of Web sites and engage in theoretical discourse around the sites they are building.

I’m interested in pursuing the Certificate in Professional Writing at ODU, and WES, I’ll call it, sounds interesting, so that will be coming up. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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