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TNT Dinner: Rajput

Barbara and I had dinner at Rajput last night. It was pretty good, although service was slow. They seemed confused about whose table it was.

I’m not as familiar with Indian foods and flavors as I am with some other cuisines, so I generally end up ordering the same thing: chicken tandoori. And that’s what I had last night. The chicken was nice and tender and the tikka masala sauce was tasty. There wasn’t a lot of heat, though. Next time, I might ask for some hot sauce. I also ordered garlic naan – that was delish!

Barbara had lamb biryani and offered me a taste. It was very good, with a bit of heat. Nice flavor. I forgot to bring my camera in, though, so no pix. This post is primarily a reminder for me, so next time I go out for Indian, I can look back and see what I liked.

I’ve been watching the new show Aarti Party on the Food Network, to learn more about basic Indian cooking. Now I need to actually try some of the recipes 😉 And I already have all five of her basic Indian spices.

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Dinner at Rajput

Rajput Indian RestaurantRajput is a very good Indian restaurant on 21st Street in the Ghent section of Norfolk. Four of us went there recently. We all enjoy Indian food, but we’re not very familiar with the flavors, so we each ordered something different and tried each other’s entrees. So now I know I like chicken biryani better than chicken vindaloo 🙂

  • Kim – chicken vindaloo – okay
  • Susan – chicken tikka masala – better than vindaloo, not as good as biryani
  • Barbara – chicken biryani – very good. It contained nuts and raisins and came with raita, a cucumber/yogurt sauce
  • Liz – chicken jalfrezi – okay. Interesting – I couldn’t find this recipe on the Indian food site I linked to for the other three; the one I did find says it’s a Pakistani recipe.

All the entrees were served with basmati rice, and we ordered two kinds of naan bread – one plain and one garlic-flavored. Both were quite good. Another note: We all ordered our meals with medium heat, which I found to be rather mild. So I will order it medium-hot next time and see how that tastes.

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