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Photo Friday: The Good Life

This is my entry in this week’s Photo Friday challenge, The Good Life.

For the last few years, we’ve been going out on Friday night sailing races with Dan’s boss Laura and her husband Cap’n Steve and assorted other friends – usually Danny and Sally, Paul and Terri, sometimes others. It’s sponsored by the Portsmouth Boat Club, and it’s a blast 🙂 After the race, we have appetizers and drinks on board and sometimes go to dinner at the Boat Club, or out somewhere.

We’ve had a few exciting moments out there. One night, I was steering and got a leee-tle too close to the Navy pier – the sentry there was not pleased. He actually had a rifle and shouted at us! Be careful out there 😉

Photo Friday: The Good Life

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A blast from the past

Well, this blogging thing apparently takes a bit of conscious effort to become a habit 😉 It’s been an eventful couple of weeks, and I haven’t even gotten around to mentioning the Grand Canyon trip, much less posting photos…

But one thing at a time. We had a surprise visit a couple of weeks ago, from some former neighbors, Chip and Diane. They’re a young couple who weren’t really happy living in a big old house with a big yard to take care of, so they bought a sailboat and moved to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. It was a lot of fun catching up with what they’ve been doing, and meeting their new daughter, Summer, who is about a year old:

Chip, Diane, and Summer Finch

I have to say, I was a bit skeptical about their plans to live on a 30-or-so-foot sailboat in Baltimore – neither of them had ever sailed before, so living on a sailboat seemed a bit of, let’s say, an unexpected choice 🙂 However, they seem very happy and were on their way to Florida in the Intracoastal Waterway. This is Diane’s first time spending extended time traveling on the boat, although Chip had taken the boat up to Maine with a friend, and they spent the summer there.

It would be interesting if they happened to meet up with my mother and her husband Leo, who are also on their way south on the Intracoastal for the winter.

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Photo Friday: Burn

Here’s my entry for PhotoFriday’s challenge for this week: Burn

Sailing at sunset

This was taken when we were sailing last Friday, 9/23, on the Elizabeth River between Portsmouth and Norfolk. It was a beautiful night, even though we apparently couldn’t figure out what the race course was supposed to be. Oh well, better luck tomorrow 🙂

Update 10/1: re: the race course last week, we were right and all the rest of the boats were wrong! So the race was scrubbed and not counted. Geez. That’s a lesson to go with your gut.

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Photo Friday: Chaos

We crewed on our friends Laura and Steve’s boat, the Laura J, in a race called the Barnacle Regatta on the Elizabeth River on Aug. 12, and again last night. This photo is from the start of the race on Aug. 12:

Start of the sailboat race

Some related links:

We made sixth place last night out of 10 boats that finished the race; 18 started it – I don’t know what happened to the others. Maybe they got couldn’t figure out the course :-/

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Sometimes you just gotta wonder…

… what people are thinking. With Hurricane Katrina bearing down, a family goes boating off of Florida’s Gulf Coast, and now – surprise – they’re missing. If I don’t sound sympathetic, it’s because many people in my family have been sailors for at least 30 years. My Uncle George sailed around the world; my mom and her husband, and my Aunt Betty and Uncle Ray sail (each couple in their own boat, of course) up and down the Intracoastal Waterway from Virginia to Florida almost every year; they generally wait till hurricane season is over to go, but during the summer they’re constantly sailing the Chesapeake Bay.

Someone asked my mom once what they do when a hurricane is coming. “We get out of the way,” she said. They certainly don’t go sailing for pleasure in its path!

I do hope they’re all okay. But people really need to understand that boats are *dangerous* and you need to learn about good seamanship as well as about how the boat works.

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