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Pix from Nelson Downriver Race

The organization that sponsors the Nelson Downriver Canoe and Kayak Race recently posted photos of the racers. There was a glitch and Dan B’s photo did not make it into the gallery, but we hope that will be rectified soon. In the meantime, for your viewing pleasure:

Kim in the Tequila Sunrise (this is my blog, so I get to go first) 😉
Kim in the Tequila Sunrise

Dan in the new yellow playboat – a tad low in the water there!
Dan in the new yellow playboat

Alex looking cool and comfortable in the Mighty Pungo
Alex in the Mighty Pungo

And the second-place winners of the Tandem Canoe category – Paul and Nick

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Weekend at James River State Park

Last weekend, Dan and I rented a lodge at James River State Park with two other families (Danny, Sally and Alex, and Paul, Terry, Katie and Nick), our dog Pippen, and Danny and Sally’s dog Cody. The occasion was the Nelson Downriver Canoe and Kayak Race in Nelson County. After the race, we enjoyed a picnic by the river and then medals were awarded. Paul and Nick won second place in the Open Canoe/Father & Son class. Way to go, guys!

The lodge has a fully equipped kitchen, six bedrooms and three bathrooms. There is a back porch with rocking chairs, a picnic table and a large grill. We brought food and drinks, grilled dinner, and generally had a great time. I beat Sally and Terry at Scrabble, Danny beat everyone at poker, and we had a fabulous Sunday breakfast cooked by Paul.

When I have time, I’ll put up a regular photo album of the weekend, but here are some snaps for now:

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The Final Stop in Richmond

Forgot to mention – after the boys went kayaking in Richmond on Sunday, we stopped at Legend Brewing, a microbrewery, for dinner. After their trip on the water, the guys needed some warming up, apparently, because they both ordered chili 🙂 Spicy! I had a blackened tuna steak over linguine Alfredo – not bad, but the tuna was overdone. Still good. And they had live music! So that was fun.

Legend Brewing, microbrewery in Richmond, VA

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First Kayaking Trip to Richmond in 2008

So, last weekend, Dan, Danny B. and I decided to head up to James River Park in Richmond and get some kayaking in. Saturday was bright, warm and beautiful – we spent that day weeding and planting in the herb and veggie gardens. Sunday I was expecting more of the same weather, but nooooooo – it was cool and overcast. And on the drive up to Richmond, it started raining. Well, gee, that doesn’t sound like much fun – rainy, cloudy, cool and on the river, in 6-foot high water.

Dan and Danny went, but … I changed my mind, and went shopping instead 🙂 Got some lovely pressed glass dessert dishes at Tuesday Morning, and wandered around an Asian grocery store. Didn’t see anything I had to have, but it was interesting to look around.

So here are Dan and Danny, checking out the river. Hmmm, do we really want to do this?

Dan and Danny checking out the James River

Yes! Yes, we do! Kim, are you sure you don’t want to go? Yes, I’m sure, you guys have fun. I’ll pick you up at the takeout.

And here they are actually going in. We got lucky – Danny had been in touch with a couple of people from Richmond’s wild and crazy paddling group, the Corn Youth Alliance, and they waited for us, so Dan and Danny had some people to paddle with.

Dan and Danny taking off

Bye, guys! See you at Reedy Creek!

Going down the river

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Travel: Kayaking and Biking in PA

Next month, Dan and I are going on a trip to PA with some friends to be part of a kayaking race, and then Dan and I are going to do a rails-to-trails bike trip. Here’s a collection of links about the trip:

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Latest James River Trip

Here's the triumphant crew after a glorious day on the James River

L-R: Nick, Danny, Dan, Josi, Katie, Paul and Kim.

Yesterday, Sept. 10, Dan and Josi and I, with several friends – Danny, Paul and his kids, Nick and Katie – went to kayak the James River again, from Pony Pasture to Reedy Creek. The river was high, the day was warm and sometimes sunny, and it was just glorious. We had a few newbies along (and you know who you are), but they did great and we had a lot of fun.

At one point, Katie ran into a rock and got stuck, and then Josi ran into Katie and tipped over. Then Paul had to get out of his boat (he was paddling the canoe with Nick) and Dan held it while Paul helped Josi empty the water out of her boat so she could continue on.

We had a few other minor mishaps like that, but nothing we couldn’t handle.

We got a late start, so we ended up getting home around 11 p.m. We had dinner at the fanciest Arby’s I’ve ever seen – fresh sandwiches and salads, fresh cookies and brownies – it was surprisingly good.

Another great day on the water. More pics are here.

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