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In the Garden: Veggies going crazy

The lettuce is in very good form this year: romaine, red leaf and butter lettuces are giving us way more than we can eat. I gave Mom a big gallon-size bag of it to take home last weekend. And we have baby peas! There are also some beans in the top right and green onions behind the peas.

We can really get a lot of food in a relatively small square garden. We won’t be buying salad greens for another month, and we had frozen peas from last year’s garden till February.

In the garden: Lettuce and peas
Mixed lettuces and peas

In the garden: Peas and chives
Baby peas and chives

Photo Friday: Overcast

Several years ago, Dan had a class in Fort Collins, Colo., and I visited him out there. While he was in class, I took a day trip to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. It’s one of my favorite places.

As I was getting ready to leave, the sky started to fill with clouds, so I drove the circuit again and this is one of the photos I took that day:

Photo Friday: Overcast

This is my entry into the Photo Friday weekly photo challenge. This week’s topic is Overcast.

A new day, and a new name

Lemony ZestOkay, I was out shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond last weekend and noticed that the phrase “Live, Love, Laugh” is all OVER the place: picture frames, wall art, napkins. I’m just not into associating something I use for self-expression – this blog – with a phrase that seems to have “jumped the shark,” or made a caricature of itself. Hence, the new name, which I like a lot better: Lemony Zest – for life, for food, for new and fun experiences, and one of my favorite flavors 😉

In the Garden: Baby Mixed Greens

Last night’s rain and the weekend’s cooler temperatures should be great for helping our baby romaine, butter lettuce and red sails along. We might even pick some to mix in a salad. Onions, garlic, beans and peas are on their way, too.

Baby mixed greens

Photo Friday: Blurred

On our last night in Florence, Italy, in September 2009, Dan and I went for a walk across the Arno River bridge near our hotel, to get a view of the river and the city from the other side. Such a beautiful city.
Photo Friday: Blurred

This is my contribution to Photo Friday, the weekly photo challenge. This week’s topic is Blurred.

Photo Friday: Pleasure

On our trip to Italy last September, after several hours of touring historic sites, there was nothing more pleasurable than sitting in an outdoor cafe to rest for a bit, with an afternoon pick-me-up of caffe latte for me and cappuccino for Dan.

Photo Friday: Pleasure - Caffe Latte and Cappuccino in Rome

This is my contribution to the weekly challenge at Photo Friday. This week’s topic is Pleasure.

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