Photo Friday: Difficult Shot

Photo Friday’s challenge this week is Difficult Shot. This was a tough one, all right. We have a bird “condo” on our porch – Dan has nailed up some scrap wood trim at the top of the three porch columns, to make a place where birds can build a nest. Before he added the trim, birds kept trying to build nests there, but the nesting material would fall off onto the porch floor. So now, every year, we have at least two birds making nests there. This year, we have a mourning dove and a robin whom we call Rockin’ Robin.

Rockin’ Robin has four nestlings there, and we find it entertaining to sit on the porch after work to have a drink and watch her feed the babies. She flies up with a mouthful of worms and they go nuts, chirping frantically to be fed. She’ll fly away if I stand up, though, so I had to take pictures while sitting down, which made this a difficult shot to get.

Difficult shot: Rockin\' Robin

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