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Waiter, there’s something in my …

Another food blogging event. This one is about meatless barbecue recipes. I made up this one several months ago and it turned out so well, I served it when we went “camping” in May with some friends, one of whom is quite an accomplished cook. I didn’t have time to make it over the last couple of weeks; I hope that doesn’t keep it out of the roundup. Anyway, here it is:

Couscous with Grilled Vegetables and Vinaigrette

1/2 cup couscous
1 cup chicken broth
2 cloves garlic — minced (divided use)
1 onion — peeled and quartered
1 red bell pepper — cored, seeded, and quartered
1 green bell pepper — cored, seeded and quartered
1 yellow bell pepper — cored, seeded and quartered

1/4 cup white wine vinegar
1 1/2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon fresh thyme — minced
1 tablespoon fresh parsley — minced
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon black pepper

Chop one quarter of the onion. In a saucepan, heat one tablespoon of olive oil and saute one clove minced garlic (reserve other clove for dressing) and the chopped onion. Add chicken broth and bring to a boil. Stir in couscous; turn off heat.

Toss remaining onion and peppers with olive oil, salt and pepper. Grill 8-10 minutes or until tender. Dice into 1/4-inch pieces.

In a small bowl, whisk together vinegar, olive oil, thyme, parsley, salt, pepper and reserved minced garlic. Combine couscous with grilled vegetables; drizzle with dressing and toss to combine.

Rick Bayless and Mexican Cooking

Well, this was such a coincidence, I’m taking it as a sign 🙂 As I was cooking up my first batch of tomatillo salsa using a recipe from Rick Bayless‘ cookbook “Mexican Cooking,” I was watching “Emeril Live” on the Food Network. And who is Emeril’s guest chef this evening? Why, none other than Rick Bayless, and they get to cooking some Mexican.

Maybe this means the tomatillo sauce will work out 🙂 I don’t really know what it’s supposed to look like, so I don’t know if I’m doing it right. And to top it all off, I’m using the sauce to make chilaquiles (a Mexican layered casserole, like lasagna) for a neighborhood party tomorrow evening. I guess we’ll see. The test will be whether the pan is empty when I come home.

PhotoFriday: Old

For this edition of the PhotoFriday event, with the theme of “Old,” I dug up this photo from my trip to Turkey in 2001 with my mom, her sister and brother-in-law, and two other couples who are friends of theirs. This is the base of an Egyptian obelisk, one of the ancient artifacts in the Hippodrome, the Roman-style arena in the center of Istanbul, where sporting events, bazaars, weddings, political events, and royal appearances took place. It is almost 3,500 years old.

3,500-year-old Egyptian obelisk in Istanbul, Turkey

Cool way to sample a lot of cuisines

I’m still going to dinner with friends almost every Wednesday evening, and this summer has been especially fun, because Ghent, the neighborhood in Norfolk where I work, has been the site of a Taste of Ghent event.

Every Wednesday during the summer, a group of restaurants has offered a fixed-price, three-course meal for $18. There is one or more appetizers to choose from, usually two main courses, and a dessert. So far, for me, the most memorable was at The New Belmont: a house salad; tempura-fried lobster tail with raspberry cream; and chocolate mousse. It was perfectly prepared and just delicious. Can’t beat that for $18.

Last week, we went to Amalfi, an Italian place, for another very good meal. I had a house salad with Italian dressing, chicken breast stuffed with spinach and fontina, and a cannoli dessert; Barbara and Liz both ordered salmon, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Barbara got the tiramisu and Liz ordered a Napoleon. We shared the desserts. Yummy!

And she’s back…

Hey, y’all 🙂 After a lengthy hiatus, I’m back. First off, check out my new bike. Dan has been biking for quite a while, but I haven’t done much of it since my bike was stolen several years ago. But we went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and bought a new bike for me that Dan actually likes better than his own 😉 (except for the pink)

Kim's new bike

Mine has nice shocks on the front and back tires AND on the seat, so it’s a very comfortable ride. Last Sunday, we went to First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach for a bike ride that turned out to be about 7 miles! It wasn’t on purpose – we went the wrong way when we started and ended up going out of the park and onto a bike path that went past some very nice homes; when we came to a commercial area, we turned around and went back to the park. It was beautiful in there, and the weather was perfect 85 degrees and low humidity. Most of the bike path is shaded by huge pine and other types of trees, so it was very nice. We will definitely be back.

Dan taking a rest during the bike ride.

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