Yummy lunch today

Today I had lunch with my friend Liz at a local Indian place called Rajput. Although I love to cook, I’m not very familiar with Indian cooking or with the herbs and spices used, so I’m not very comfortable ordering from the menu.

Apparently other people have the same problem, because they have a lunch buffet with different foods every day, so you can try out different dishes. It’s pretty reasonable at $7.50. For that, you get a conventional lettuce salad, three different meat or vegetarian dishes (I suspect that, since there are more omnivores around than variations of vegetarians, there are usually two meat dishes), basmati rice, naan bread, and a dessert.

The three meat/veg dishes were tandoori chicken, an eggplant dish (I don’t like eggplant, so I don’t remember what it was called), and a delicious dish that I’d like to try to make: chicken makhani.

I found a few different recipes for it, but the one linked above seems to me to be quite close to what I had. It seems likely that it was developed to use up leftover tandoori chicken, since the first step of some recipes is to marinate it with ingredients that include red food coloring (Tandoori chicken is quite red). I’ve also found a few different explanations for why Tandoori is red: because it contains paprika, because the red clay oven, or tandoor, it’s baked in colors it, or because the inventor wanted to make sure it wasn’t mistaken for anything else.

So that was pretty good. If I try it, I’ll post a pic.

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  • Dan B says:

    Welcome back Kim! I missed you. Hope you are up and about soon! Will have to give it a try..think the last Indian cuisine was in Berkely CA in 1995! Time to get back on the elephant I guess.

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