My new kayak

My new kayak - a Dagger Zydeco

Our new passion is kayaking, so now I have my own 🙂 We bought it Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon Josi and I went out for a paddle. It handles beautifully, in flat water anyway. Maybe in a couple of weeks we’ll head back up to Richmond and hit the whitewater.

Specs: It’s a 9-foot Dagger Zydeco and we bought it at Appomattox River Company in Yorktown. And the color is mango 🙂

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2 Responses to “My new kayak”

  • Dan B says:

    Bout time Kim! And good timing with some rain finally coming to the Old Dominion. Love the Zydeco! And of course the fashionable “Mango” color…I would think more “tequila sunrise” sort of color but hey that is me. Gotta get back on the James soon. Read a trip report from the past week from “Ye Olde and Decrepite” aka Richard Walters…very boney, lots of rocks, not easily negotiated … espeically on the dam pourovers..too many rocks below the dams. Anyway, I am really happy with your choice…er..what no mango helmet?

  • KimL says:

    Hey, Danny! Glad you like it – tequila sunrise, eh? Maybe that’s what I should name it 😉 Although I was also thinking “Afternoon Delight.” Whaddaya think of that?

    I haven’t got a helmet yet. When we get ready to hit the whitewater on the James, I’ll get one then. Can’t wait to go up there again. We had a fabulous time rafting up there last month.

    Looking forward to paddling with you and Dan again; this time we can bring Josi, too. And we need to get Sally out there 🙂 See you soon.


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