Gosport Art Festival

On Saturday, May 13, I went to the Gosport Arts Festival in downtown Portsmouth (geeze, they really could use a new Web site). It was an absolutely gorgeous day – temperature in the ’70s, sunny, breezy – perfect. And since Dan was out of town on a kayaking trip, I got to take my time and check out the art to my heart’s content (and the limit of my legs 😉 ).

Stained glassAt one point, I stopped to take some photos of a glass display – like a bird, I’m attracted to sparkling things, and the deep colors of the glass were beautiful in the sun.

The artist, Steven Whorl of Classic Glass Studios in Palmdale, FL and Abell, MD, was at first not happy that I was taking photos of his work – understandable, since I had neglected to ask permission first. I apologized and explained that I only do photography, not glasswork, and said I would put a pic on my blog, so here it is.

Then I bought a ring and promptly lost it the next day 🙁 It was a pinkie ring made of silver with an oval-shaped piece of paua (aka abalone) shell. The artist said it was from Australia, but the few minutes of Googling I did indicates it comes from New Zealand. His dealer is probably in Australia. Anyway, it’s really pretty, and I’m really disappointed I lost it. Good thing it only cost $20.

Stained glassThen I had a lemonade and a barbecue sandwich from this place – they don’t seem to have a name. It was very good – chopped in relatively large pieces, lots of slaw, hot sauce and BBQ sauce on the side. They also have something that I haven’t seen before – a BBQ Sundae. I guess that’s for the low-carb crowd (which thankfully seems to be dropping in numbers these days, but that’s another post). It was barbecue served in a plastic sundae cup with baked beans and cole slaw on top. Sounded good, but I like my carbs, thankyouverymuch 🙂

Finally, to restore my energy, I stopped at the Daily Grind for a mocha caffe. btw, if you’re in the market for a 200-year-old Federal-style building in a bustling small-town downtown, with a successful coffee shop on the first floor (the business is owned by someone else) and three floors of custom-finished living space above, the building is for sale. Contact the owners, Tim and Shannon Woodland, for details. Just a little plug for some friends 🙂

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